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If you DESIRE more than the quality of education you can afford or that is readily available; and want to Take Your BEST Shot at Scholarship Opportunities, this could be just what You’re looking for.

Discover Proven Strategies and Guidelines from Multi-Scholarship Award Winners to Apply and Get Scholarships.

Get Instant Access to over 1,400 scholarship and award opportunities for Africans worth 0.7 BILLION US Dollars

Now you can get prepared and equipped with the practical knowledge to drastically increase your chances of getting awarded a scholarship

Don't Wait to be Discovered; Take Your Chances. Watch Why you Should Get a Copy Today.

We wanted to know what makes winners stand out from everyone else. So, we reached out to FIFTEEN scholarship award winners.

We invited these award winners across Africa (from Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique and other African countries) from diverse background, discipline and level of study to reveal what they have learned in the process.

We Interviewed Multi-Scholarship Award Winners Who Have Won From These Institutions And Organizations

How do the same people keep piling success upon success, while the majority struggles to get one opportunity?

Were they more intelligent than everyone? Was it about habits? Mindset? Were some people just born luckier than others?

When we spoke to these award winners individually, the similarities in their revelations were astonishing.

One after the other, each of them proved that scholarship winners don’t win by accident; neither are they ‘Einsteins’.

They are everyday young men and women who took deliberate actions and made organized set of decisions that prepared them to win.

Multi-award winners recognize the importance of knowing what they can bring to the table and how to bring it to the table. They don’t rely on luck. They rely on their effort and understanding of the process.

We discovered that what makes these students stand out can be taught and learned.

And if you are as determined and ambitious, you can match their achievements; even better.

So, we’ve put everything we learned from these Award winners and our years of experience into the New Edition of The Scholarship Digest 2019 – Includes Over 1,400 opportunities for Africans worth 0.7 Billion USD

You no longer have to keep guessing what works and what doesn’t.

With instant access to over 1,400 carefully selected scholarship and award opportunities in your hand right away… No need to spend tones of time re-searching online and getting overwhelmed in the sea of information. You dive in right away.

Watch as he reviews The Scholarship Digest

"The Book Is Well Detailed And Big I Must Confess! I Feel Better Prepared Then Ever"

It is Specific – We include exact comments, concepts and examples from the award winners to emphasize each point so that you can use it right away.

It is Instant – Quickly obtain over 1,400 opportunities around the world worth over 0.7 Billion US Dollars. Study it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you want.

It is Practical – If you’ve already tried searching for opportunities online, you want to go beyond random guesses to focus on what truly works. The Scholarship Digest gives you the precise, actionable steps to prepare ahead and present winning applications.

"I Actually Think It Was Worth Every Penny! And I Am Glad I Made The Right Decision To Invest In Something This Valuable."

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"I Believe I Could Not Have Missed It If I Had The Book Before The Interview."

You’ll Get Instant Access to over 1,400 scholarship and other opportunities around the world for Africans worth 0.7 BILLION US Dollars, Plus You’ll Also Discover…


What you can do to better qualify to Win Scholarships.

The Smarter way to approach your Scholarship search and application

FIVE key qualities that set scholarship winners apart from everyone else and how you can leverage on these qualities

How to set guiding rules to simplify your scholarship search and plan your application

SEVEN simple steps to complete and polish your application to make it glitter. Create impressive applications that grab the evaluators’ attention.

How to strategically choose what to put in your application based on the purpose of the scholarship and how to present it. Because it is not just what goes into your application; it is equally what stays out.

Little known tactics to highlight the activities, achievements and interests that will make the most positive impression on whoever is evaluating your application. And convince the person that you deserve to win this scholarship.

The number one thing that limits most Africans when applying for award programs

Get to understand how the scholarship selection process works (from the winnowing process to the hall of fame). This knowledge gives you immediate and important edge over 90 to 98% of applicants who are throwing in their application carelessly.

Indebt guidelines on how ANYONE can craft engaging and compelling essays scholarship judges will want to read.

The number ONE ingredient that makes essays stand out. Everyone has this but few people use it.

FIVE critical questions to answer before writing your essay. Do not start writing your essay without answering these questions.

SEVEN fundamental steps to write your winning essay.

The best technique to structure your essay for maximum result and to make writing SIMPLE. Anyone can use this method to come up with an engaging essay fast.

Triggers to draw people’s interest into your essay

Common mistakes people make in their application and essay. And how to avoid them

Best kept secret of the past scholarship winners.

And that’s just a sample of the insight packed into The Scholarship Digest.

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Most frequent questions and answers

These are people from different African countries including Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique and other African countries, from diverse background, discipline and level of study who have won at least one major scholarship award. Some of them have won multiple awards to fund their education. 

Some of the award winners contacted us after they won scholarship(s) through our platform. The rest, we reached out to them either directly on their professional profile or by recommendation from other winners.

We verified the legitimacy of their awards before inviting them for an interview.

This book aims at Africans looking to pursue their undergraduate, masters or doctoral degrees locally or (especially) internationally. Our goal is to make it easy for prospective African students to instantly access available opportunities to fund their education and make the best of these opportunities.

No! There are no guarantees that you will win a scholarship. We have made the conscious effort to provide the knowledge and information gathered through research and experience. It’s what you do with the knowledge and information that will get you scholarship.

Yes! Majority of the opportunities listed in this book can be found online, much like the majority of what the teacher teaches in the classroom can also be found on the internet. What you get from this book is years (since 2009) of research put into one document. So you don’t have to exhaust all the time and effort searching for opportunities. We have done the most of that job for you.

If you order either of the PDF ebook or PDF ebook + 10 MP3, the file(s) you ordered will be sent to the email address you provide to download it immediately. If you order the book from Amazon, the delivery is handled by Amazon and is not within our control.

You can get the physical book from Amazon bookstore, or if you are in Nigeria, you can order from us and get it delivery to you. The link is provided above. You have more options to get the book instantly in digital format.

You can buy this book from anywhere in the world with your MasterCard or VISA credit or debit card denominated in your local or foreign currency; as long as your bank allows international transaction with your card.

Yes. If you are unable to pay using the check-out form, send us an email to [email protected] and we will provide you with a private PayPal email address to pay to.

If you have any questions or concerns about the book, contact us from the details below. We’re happy to hear from you.

Call: +234-818-445-0903
Email: [email protected]